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Welcome to the Enchanting World of Ariel Dolls! Let your imagination soar as you join Ariel, the spirited and curious mermaid princess, on thrilling escapades beneath the waves. From exploring mysterious shipwrecks to embarking on daring quests with her friends, Ariel’s world is filled with enchantment and endless possibilities. Explore our mesmerizing collection and choose your favorite Ariel companion. Let the magic of Disney fill your heart and home as you create cherished memories with the beloved mermaid princess.

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Why you love Ariel Doll

  • Nostalgia: Ariel, also known as the Little Mermaid, is a beloved Disney character that first appeared in the 1989 animated film “The Little Mermaid.” Many people who grew up watching the movie have fond memories of the story and characters, and owning an Ariel doll can evoke feelings of nostalgia and happiness from their childhood.

  • Identification and Empathy: Ariel’s story revolves around her desire to explore the human world and find love. Many people can relate to her dreams, struggles, and emotions, which creates a strong emotional connection to the character. Owning an Ariel doll allows fans to feel closer to the character they love and empathize with her journey.
  • Imagination and Play: Dolls, in general, encourage imaginative play and storytelling. Children and even adults can use Ariel dolls to create their own adventures, retell scenes from the movie, or invent new stories altogether. This aspect of play enhances creativity and provides a source of entertainment.
  • Collectibility: For some, collecting dolls, especially those associated with beloved characters like Ariel, can become a hobby or a way to commemorate their appreciation for a particular story or franchise. Collectors might seek out different versions of Ariel dolls or limited-edition releases, adding value to their collection.

Ariel Doll - Ariel Doll

Happy Customers

12 - Ariel Doll


Is really beautiful. This seller should sell all Disney characters to add more to my collection …. Quality price certainly, I recommend the seller, I do not give 1 stars xke no more jaja kede in Love

11 - Ariel Doll


Really beautiful, it’s identical to the character and the motion effect is very well achieved.

10 - Ariel Doll


It’s just a miracle!!!! Expected deception but no. The toy is beautiful, big and well painted. Very beautiful and quickly came. Thank you!!!!

9 - Ariel Doll


for such a cheap price the quality of this figurine is really good. it looks as if I had bought it at a local target or walmart. the face is great. the paint and plastic of it is not damaged. and the stand holds up the figurine no problem.

Welcome to Official Ariel Doll Store

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We are proud to be one of the best stores selling variety of style of Ariel Doll.

Ariel has long, flowing, bright red hair that cascades down her back and reaches below her waist. Her large, expressive, sapphire-blue eyes shine with curiosity and wonder. Her skin is fair and has a slight shimmer, reminiscent of the underwater world she inhabits. Ariel’s tail is a stunning shade of aquamarine, adorned with iridescent scales that reflect light and add to her enchanting appearance. When underwater, Ariel wears a seashell-shaped bra made from purple shells and a matching lavender-colored tail. In some scenes, she is seen wearing various underwater outfits and accessories, reflecting her fascination with human items collected from shipwrecks. When she transforms into a human, her appearance changes, and she dons a lovely, sparkly white wedding dress with puffed sleeves and a flowing veil.

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